Bradly Sports Mix Wii
BSMWii Box
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
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Genre Sports
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Mode(s) 1-4 players Competitive & 1-3 players Cooperative Multiplayer (2-on-2 or 3-on-3)
Media Wii Disc
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  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball


The game will include 44 characters in total this are 17 Default, 16 Unlockable, and 20 Downloable.


Image Name Type Special Move
Bradly BSMWii Bradly Balanced Fire Flower
Shawna BSMWii Shawna Balanced Poultergust
Kayden BSMWii Kayden Technical Triple Star
DaisyMSM Daisy Technical Blossom Bomb
YoshiMSM Yoshi Speedy Yoshi Egg
Birdo MSMWU Birdo Speedy Birdo Egg
WarioMSM Wario Power Gassy Garlic
WaluigiMSM Waluigi Technical Spiny Shell
Boo MSMWU Boo Technical Ghost Hunt
DKMSM Donkey Kong Power Giant Banana
DiddyMSM Diddy Kong Speedy Peanut Popgun
BowserMSM Bowser Power Bowser's Shell
BowserJr.MSM Bowser Jr. Balanced Magic Paintbrush
Shy Guy MSMWU Shy Guy Technical Spear Pack
MSM Toad Toad Speedy Poison Mushroom
Koopa Troopa MSMWU Koopa Troopa Balanced Green Shell
MiiMSM Mii Balanced Random Special


Image Name Type Special Move How to Unlock
Paratroopa MSMWU Koopa Paratroopa Speedy Red Shell Complete the Baseball Mushroom Cup 1st Round
Shadow Mario MSMWU Shadow Mario Tricky Shadow Matter Complete the Basketball Flower Cup 2nd Round
Cheep-Cheep MSMWU Cheep Cheep Balanced Cheep Chomp Complete the Hockey Star Cup 1st Round
Wiggler MSMWU Wiggler Tricky Flutter Wings Complete the Basketball Star Cup 1st Round
Petey Piranha MSMWU Petey Piranha Power Piranha Plant Complete the Rugby Star Cup 1st Round
Baby Luigi MSMWU Baby Luigi Speedy Chain Chomp Complete the Rugby Mushroom Cup 3rd Round
Baby Peach MSMWU Baby Peach Balanced Heart Complete the Rugby Mushroom Cup 1st Round
Baby Daisy MSMWU Baby Daisy Speedy Blossom Block Complete the Rugby Star Cup 3rd Round
King K. Rool MSMWu King K. Rool Power Krimp Complete the Baseball Star Cup 3rd Round
Dragonia Koopa MSMWU Dragonia Koopa Technical Magic Spell Complete the Basketball Flower Cup 3rd Round
Funky Kong MSMWU Funky Kong Balanced Rocket Barrel Complete the Tennis Star Cup 1st Round
Tiny Kong MSMWU Tiny Kong Balanced Feather Bow Complete the Tennis Star Cup 2nd Round
King Boo MSMWU King Boo Power Bomb Boo Complete the Tennis Mushroom Cup 1st Round
Blooper MSMWU Blooper Balanced Baby Blooper Complete the Tennis Flower Cup 1st Round
Hammer Bro MSMwU Hammer Bro. Balanced Sledge Complete the Dodgeball Flower Cup 1st Round
Dry Bowser MSMWu Dry Bowser Power Dry Bowser's Shell Complete the Dodgeball Star Cup 1st Round


Image Name Type Cost
Larry Koopa MSmwu Larry Koopa Tricky Jumping Jacks 100 Wii Points
Roy Koopa MSMWU Roy Koopa Power 1-Pipe 100 Wii Points
Lemmy Koopa MSMWU Lemmy Koopa Speedy Lemmy Balls Free
Wendy O. Koopa MSMWU Wendy O. Koopa Speedy Golden Rings Free
Iggy Koopa MSMWU Iggy Koopa Tricky Magic Bolt Free
Morton Koopa Jr Msmwu Morton Koopa Jr. Tricky Mine Free
Ludwig von Koopa MSMWU Ludwig Von Loopa Tricky Chain Chase Free
Cosmic Mario MSMWU Cosmic Mario Speedy Cosmic Orb Free
Monty Mole MSMWU Monty Mole Speedy Wrenches Free
Dimentio MSMWU Dimentio Tricky Paper Chase Free
Whittle MSMWU Whittle Speedy Axe Free
The Chimp MSMWU The Chimp Tricky Rock Mushroom Free
Dixie Kong MSMwu Dixie Kong Technical Fake Coin Free
Wart MSMWU Wart Power Veggies Free
Shroob MSMWU Shroob Speedy Poison Throw Free
Pianta MSMWU Pianta Power Fruits Free
Noki MSMWU Noki Technical Shine Sprite Free
Toadbert MSMWU Toadbert Technical Mushroom Throw Free
Pom Pom MSMWU Pom Pom Speedy Pomerang 100 Wii Points
Boom Boom MSMWU Boom Boom Power Tornado 100 Wii Points



  • Bradly Stadium
  • Shawna Mansion
  • Baby Park
  • Daisy Hills
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Birdo Desert
  • Wario Galleon
  • Waluigi Pinball
  • Boo's Horror Castle
  • DK Island
  • Diddy Jungle
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Bowser Jr Airship
  • Shy Guy Bazaar
  • Mushroom Gorge
  • Koopa Troopa Beach


  • Maple Treeway
  • Blooper Beach
  • Sunshine Beach
  • Grumble Volcano

Unlocking CriterionEdit

Unlocking Criterion
Maple Treeway Unlock it in any cup for any sport.
Blooper Beach Unlock it in any cup for any sport.
Sunshine Beach Unlock it in any cup for any sport.
Grumble Volcano Unlock it in any cup for any sport.


Mushroom CupEdit

Mushroom..Mushroom CupMushroom..
1st Round Bradly Stadium
Baby Park
Yoshi Island
2nd Round Shawna Mansion
Birdo Hills
Daisy Hills
3rd Round Wario Galleon
DK Island
Bowser Jr Airship
4th Round Koopa Troopa Beach
Diddy Jungle
Bowser's Castle
Extra Round Waluigi Pinball
Mushroom Gorge

Flower CupEdit

50px-FireFlowerSMGFlower Cup50px-FireFlowerSMG
1st Round Grumble Volcano
Wario Galleon
Maple Treeway
2nd Round DK Island
Daisy Hills
Birdo Desert
3rd Round Yoshi Island
Blooper Beach
Boo's Horror Castle
4th Round Bowser's Castle
Shy Guy Bazaar
Diddy Jungle
Extra Round Bowser Jr Airship
Waluigi Pinball

Star CupEdit

50px-Green Power Star Star Cup50px-Green Power Star 
1st Round Diddy Jungle
Waluigi Pinball
Sunshine Beach
2nd Round Wario Galleon
Daisy Hills
Bowser Jr Airship
3rd Round Bowser's Castle
Baby Park
Maple Treeway
4th Round Grumble Volcano
Yoshi Island
Bradly Stadium
Extra Round Birdo Desert
DK Island