Bradly Party 3DS
Bradly Party 3DS Box
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release date 2012




Genre Party


Rating(s) 3 Ratings
Mode(s) Single Player


Online Play



Similarly to Mario Party 9, players travel around the course on vehicles collecting mini-stars or power stars and dodging the mini-ztars or red stars. Players can either play in one vehicle altogether or play in seperate vehicles against each other.



Bradly Party 3DS Selection Screen 2

The complete roster (excluding Mii)

Image Name Colour How to Unlock
Characters 2 004 Bradly Light Blue Starter
SHAWNA 005 Shawna Fire Brick Starter
Kayden Kayden Dark Blue Starter
155px-4.Daisy Daisy Orange Starter
Toad3DLand Toad Blue Starter
364938-toadette large Toadette Deep Pink Starter
1000px-MKPC Yoshi Solo Yoshi Light Green Starter
Birdo Birdo Magenta Starter
KoopaTroopaMP9 Koopa Troopa Deep Yellow Starter
ParatroopaMKH Paratroopa Red Starter
167px-PiranhaPlantSM3DL Piranha Plant Green Starter
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petery Piranha Dark Red Starter
300px-KROOLDKJUNLGE King K. Rool Leaf Green Starter
Kritter1 Kritter Light Brown Starter
Dixie Kong Dixie Kong Light Pink Starter
Tinymss Tiny Kong Light Blue Starter
Hammer-Bros-nintendo-villains-9411501-600-600 Hammer Bro. Light Black Starter
Boomerang Bro SM3DL Boomerang Bro. Blue Starter
Babypeachsimple Baby Peach Light Pink Starter
MSS Artwork Baby Daisy Baby Daisy Light Orange Starter
NokiShell Noki Blue Starter
267px-PiantaTree Pianta Royal Blue Starter
1000px-WarioMPDS Wario Yellow Starter
1000px-250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi Purple Starter
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Brown Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Chocolate Brown Complete the Secret Game on Treetop Playground
260px-BowsersInsideStory Bowser Bright Orange Unlock in Story Mode
BowserJr. Bowser Jr. Dark Orange Complete the Secret Game on Bowser's Gravity Machine
354px-Lakitu MK7 Lakitu Fire Brick Complete the Secret Game on Lakitu's Cloudy Park
200px-Kamella SMG Kamella Light Pink Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Rosalina. Rosalina Turquoise Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
200px-SMG2 PurpleLuma Lubba Dark Violet Unlock in Story Mode
Penguin Penguin Dark Blue Complete the Secret Game on Rosalina Ice World
Mr. Blizzard NSMBVR Mr. Blizzard White Unlock in Story Mode
250px-WigglerDS Wiggler Orange Complete the Secret Game on Wiggler's Garden
180px-Montey Monty Mole Light Brown Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Images Bee Yellow Unlock in Story Mode
Honey-queen Honey Queen Light Purple Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
169px-Babymariositting Baby Mario Light Red Unlock in Story Mode
160px-BabyLuigibeinghimself Baby Luigi Bright Green Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Dry Bowser Art Dry Bowser Black Unlock in Story Mode
Dry Bones Dry Bones Gray Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
250px-BoomBoomSM3DL Boom Boom Light Orange Complete the Secret Game on Airship Fortress
200px-Pom pom Pom Pom Hot Pink Unlock in Story Mode
KamekNSMBW-1- Kamek White Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
ShyGuy Shy Guy Royal Blue Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
GenoSMWWii Geno Blue Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Mallow NSMBWii Mallow Light Pink Unlock in Story Mode
150px-MaleMii Mii Cyan

Play on all boards (Not in Story Mode)



Name Info Vehicles
Airship Fortress Mini-Boss: Bullet Bill
Boss: King Bill
Vehicle - Single: Bullet Blaster
Vehicle - Team: Cannon Car
Coconut Mall Mini-Boss: Major Burrows
Boss: Topmaniac
Vehicle - Single: Coconut Car
Vehicle - Team: Mall Coupe
Flip Swap Path Mini-Boss: Giga Lakitu
Boss: Glamdozer
Vehicle - Single: Glamdozer Wagon
Vehicle - Team: Cosmic Spike
Treehouse Playground Mini-Boss: Tiki Tong
Boss: Colonel Pluck
Vehicle - Single: Barrel Jet
Vehicle - Team: Barrel Train
Bob-omb Desert Mini-Boss: Whomp
Boss: Big Bob-omb
Vehicle - Single: Big Whimp
Vehicle - Team: Big Bob-omb Head
Spooky Forest Mini-Boss: Swooper
Boss: King Boo
Vehicle - Single: Swooper Rider
Vehicle - Team: Boo Blanket
Cheep Cheep Beach Mini-Boss: Blooper
Boss: Cheep Cheep
Vehicle - Single: Cheep Charger
Vehicle - Team: Blooper Raft
Lakitu's Cloudy Park Mini-Boss: Tarantox
Boss: Lakithunder
Vehicle - Single: Spider Car
Vehicle - Team: Spiny Shell


Name Info Vehicles How to Unlock
Luigi Mansion Mini-Boss: Boolossus
Boss: Professer E. Gadd
Vehicle - Single: Poulterboost
Vehicle - Team: Poulterblast
Buy for 500 Tickets at the Museum or Unlock in Story Mode
Rosalina Ice World Mini-Boss: Baron Brrr
Boss: Sorbetti
Vehicle - Single: Snow Jet
Vehicle - Team: Penguin Slider
Buy for 500 Tickets at the Museum or Unlock in Story Mode
Wiggler's Garden Mini-Boss: Snifit
Boss: Chain Chomp
Vehicle - Single: Snifit Tank
Vehicle - Team: Chain Chomp Coupe
Buy for 500 Tickets at the Museum or Unlock in Story Mode
Battlerock Pass Mini-Boss: Spike
Boss: Rollodilo
Vehicle - Single: Standard Kart
Vehicle - Team: Rollodilo Rider
Buy for 500 Tickets at the Museum of Unlock in Story Mode
Bowser's Gravity Machine Mini-Boss: Bowser Jr
Boss: Bowser
Vehicle - Single: Bowser Rocket
Vehicle - Team: Bowser Spacecraft
Unlock in Story Mode



  1. Mushroom Climb - Travel up the hill, bouncing off all the mushrooms
  2. Thumb's Up - Pump up the thumb balloon and see whos floats the highest
  3. Lava Crevace - Dodge the lava in an small crevace
  4. The Gold Mine - Travel through a gold mine and collect gold coins
  5. Cooking Cake - Follow the on screen instructions to make a cake. The fastest one wins
  6. Wooden Labyrinth - Find the pathway through the wooden labyrinth
  7. Rubiks Tube - Make a tower of Rubiks cubes and make sure none of the same colour sides are adjacent
  8. Power Star Hunt - Roam around Toad Village digging holes in the ground to find power stars
  9. Bullet Bill Barrage - Dodge oncoming Bullet Bills on a long platform
  10. Melodic Madness - Repeat multiple tunes played to open the doors and exit the building
  11. Honey Slaves - Take a bucket full of honey to Queen Bee without dropping it, enemies with throw hazards to knock the honey out of your hands
  12. Peach Blossoms - Run around Peach's Castle collecting pink flowers, watch out for Spiky Plants
  13. Shroom Gorge - Travel along 'Shroom Gorge dodging all the obstacles along the way
  14. Shell Search - Dive deep to find the Gold Shell
  15. Skilled Skating - Skate along the icey path, jumping over gaps and dodging obstacles
  16. Sliding Puzzle - Complete the sliding puzzle of your character's face
  17. Bananarama - Collect the banana's and banana bunches as they fall
  18. Bob-omb Bananza - Pass the Bob-omb around before it blows up, the quicker it is moved, the quicker it will blow up
  19. The Bad Box - Open a toy box to find Mini Maro's, but there is one bad box with a Mini DK.

1 Vs 3Edit

  1. Switchboard Sway - One player must travel on a Switchboard, whilst dodging attacks from the other three
  2. Shy Switch - Each team has to get the most Shy Guy's to their side by switching the directions of the conveyor belts
  3. Tramline Crisis - 3 of the players are on pushcarts and have to choose which path to travel along. The 1 player chooses which path is going to be the wrong one and blocks it off. The other 3 have to get to the end without hitting any dead ends
  4. Coin Collectors - The two teams battle each other to get coins, the single person gets 3 coins for every 1 collected

2 Vs 2Edit

  1. Rainbow Road Slide - Two teams must make there way down the Rainbow Road in an orb whilst dodging all the enemies. The first team there wins
  2. The Enemies Code - The two teams must find a way to unlock the door to get out of the room
  3. Can Knock-off - The two teams have 2 minuted to knock off all the cans on the racks using Green Shells


  1. The Final Snowball - Two players have to engage in a snowball fight, the first player to hit the other player wins
  2. Robo Battle - Each player gets a robot and they have to fight each other. The first player to fall down the hole loses
  3. Pick of Cards - Each player picks a card at random. The first player to pick an picture or ace card loses


  1. Bullet Bill
  2. Major Burrows Panic
  3. Giga Lakitu Battle
  4. Tiki Tong Terror
  5. Whomp Stomp
  6. Swooper Pass
  7. Blooper Barage
  8. Tarantox
  9. Boolossus Puzzle Attack
  10. Baron Brrr Blizzard
  11. Snifit Panic
  12. Spike Bowling
  13. Bowser Jr. Gravity Breakdown


  1. King Bill Showdown
  2. Topmaniac Bounce
  3. Glamdozer Battle
  4. Stompybot 3000 Field
  5. Big Bob-omb Arean
  6. King Boo Nightmare
  7. Cheep Cheep Sea
  8. Sock Into Lakithunder
  9. E. Gadd Haunted Attack
  10. Sorbetti Path
  11. Chain Chomp Pier
  12. Rollodilo Path
  13. Bowser's Block Battle


  1. Boo Face - Players have 30 seconds to complete the puzzle of Boo's Face
  2. Memory Mash - Players must remember the order of the numbers and repeat it
  3. What's New - Players have a grid of enemies which they see for 30 seconds, then it goes and comes back and 10 new items have been added. Get them all right to win


  1. Spectre Inspector (2 Vs 2) - Players must find 3 enemies hidden in a dark room
  2. Trace Cadets (4 Player) - Players must trace shapes to fill a grid
  3. Rotation Station (Duel) - Player must get to the top of the tower first, using rotation
  4. Growing Up (4 Player) - Grow your plant by pressing the correct button